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PNC hails Irish parliament’s motion on Israel’s ‘de facto annexation’ as victory for international law

RAMALLAH, Thursday, May 27, 2021 (WAFA) – The Palestinian National Council today hailed the Irish parliament’s motion condemning Israel’s colonial settlements in Jerusalem and the West Bank as ‘de facto annexation’ as a victory for the international law.

PNC welcomed the parliament’s motion, tabled by the opposition Sinn Fein party and passed unanimously on Wednesday after receiving cross-party support, as a victory not only for the international law, but also for human rights and United Nations resolutions.

It called of the European Parliament, Inter-Parliamentary Union in addition to Mediterranean, Euro-Mediterranean, African and Latin parliamentary assemblies to pass similar motions that condemns the Israeli occupation violations and crimes, particularly the policy of colonial annexation, forced expulsions and home demolitions, as war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Meanwhile, Fatah spokesman, Jamal Nazzal, expressed his appreciation of the Dáil’s motion and thanked the friendly Irish political parties, that submitted the motion and voted in favor of it, solidifying Ireland as a champion and promoter of international law and the Palestinian people’s inalienable rights in the face of all forms of Israeli colonial hegemony.


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