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Home Presidency 17/May/2021 04:39 PM

President Abbas discusses with US envoy Gaza onslaught, West Bank escalation

RAMALLAH, Monday, May 17, 2021 (WAFA) – President Mahmoud Abbas today discussed with US envoy Hady Amr the ongoing Israeli onslaught on Gaza besides to the West Bank escalation.

President Abbas briefed US envoy for Israel-Palestinian Affairs, Hady Amr, on the grave situation in Jerusalem, with focus on police and settler assaults and forced expulsions, settler mob violence and the ongoing aggression on Gaza, which killed 200 people, wounded some 1300 others and displaced thousands others, while holding the Israeli government responsible for it.

He stressed the need for the US administration to intervene to halt the Israeli aggression and escalation everywhere and initiate efforts aimed at reaching a political solution based on the United Nations resolutions and international law, while reiterating that ending the military occupation of the Palestinian territories, including East Jerusalem, is a prerequisite for regional security and stability.

He indicated the Palestinian side’s willingness to engage with the Quartet in order to achieve just and comprehensive peace that guarantees the Palestinian people’s inalienable rights to freedom and independence as enshrined in international law.

He expressed his gratitude for US President Joe Biden’s administration for renewing US aid to the Palestinian people, and through the United Agency responsible for the refugees, UNRWA.

The US envoy, Amr, emphasized the need to ‘de-escalate’ the situation and pointed that Biden’s administration was making concerted efforts with all other parties to this end.

He reiterated the US administration’s positions committed to bringing about peace and providing equitable opportunities for Palestinians and Israelis alike to live in dignity, security and prosperity while noting the importance of action towards the two-state solution.


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