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China's initiative an integrated and realistic plan for achieving a just and comprehensive peace for the Palestinian cause, says Chinese Ambassador


RAMALLAH, Sunday, March 28, 2021 (WAFA) – Guo Wei, Head of the Office of the People's Republic of China to the State of Palestine, said that the initiative recently proposed by China to achieve security and stability in the region constitutes an integrated plan and provides an effective and realistic framework for the international community and all relevant parties to push towards achieving security and stability in the entire region, based on achieving a just and comprehensive peace for the Palestinian cause.

A few days ago, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi announced a five-point initiative to achieve security and stability in the Middle East.

The second point in the initiative states that "nothing represents equity and justice in the Middle East more than a sound solution to the question of Palestine and earnest implementation of the two-state solution. We support active mediation by the international community toward this objective and holding an authoritative international meeting on this matter when conditions are ripe. In its presidency of the UN Security Council this May, China will encourage the Security Council to fully deliberate on the question of Palestine to reaffirm the two-state solution. China will continue to invite peace advocates from Palestine and Israel to China for dialogue, and also welcome Palestinian and Israeli representatives to China for direct negotiations."

The Chinese ambassador said today in an interview with WAFA that the initiative puts forward detailed ideas on pushing the peace process in the Middle East as well as committing to the two-state solution as one of the most important principles and constants that the international community should adhere to, and making efforts to accelerate the resumption of bilateral negotiations between the Palestinian and Israeli sides as soon as possible.

He added that China will utilize its presidency of the UN Security Council next May to reaffirm the necessity of adhering to the two-state solution as it is the cornerstone for achieving peace and security with regard to the Palestinian issue.

He indicated that his country will make efforts to conduct direct negotiations between the Palestinian and Israeli sides in the Chinese capital, Beijing, whether at the level of official representatives or through a framework that includes peace-loving figures on both sides, noting that the region is currently going through a phase full of changes and challenges, in addition to the great challenges and enormous difficulties facing the international community.

The ambassador stressed that China is working with countries in the region and other allies and friends in the world, in order to join efforts to push forward the peace process and resume negotiations, and to ensure that this peace process does not go backward, in light of the International Quartet's declaration of its intention to move in the near future to resume the peace process, and the United Nations' invitation to return to the negotiations as soon as possible.

He said, "We are ready to receive the two parties to start negotiations in Beijing at any time, and we are also ready to conduct discussions and coordinate with all relevant parties to push the peace process forward, and to mobilize support for any efforts directed in this direction. Therefore, the Chinese Foreign Minister worked during his last visit to the region to conduct intensive talks to discuss the appropriate framework for the resumption of negotiations. "

The Ambassador of the People's Republic of China to the State of Palestine stressed the importance of concerted international efforts and all peace-loving parties in the Middle East to resume the political track, noting that there's an open communication between China and the United States for consultations on all regional and international issues of common interest, including the Palestinian issue that occupies the top priorities for the Middle East files in Beijing and Washington.

"A week ago, a high-level meeting was held between senior officials from both sides in Alaska, where the two sides discussed all regional and international issues, including the Middle East issues, and I believe that with the new administration taking over the reins of power in the United States, a new opportunity has emerged to restore the universality system and the re-application of international law and references of international legitimacy to its natural course," he said.

He indicated that China and the United States, which are responsible for establishing security and stability in the world, will hold further consultations on the files of Middle East issues and issues of mutual interest, on the sidelines of international and regional events organized with the participation of the two parties.

The ambassador reiterated China's support for President Mahmoud Abbas’s vision for holding an international peace conference that includes all representatives and parties of influence in the Middle East peace process, indicating that his country will take concrete steps and more concrete measures in this context, taking into account the urgent changes in the region and the whole world.

He pointed out that China, as a permanent member of the UN Security Council and the United Nations, will continue its efforts to maintain international security and stability, and will remain in the front line to defend the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people, stressing that his country stands against the policy of imposing pressure on the Palestinian leadership to force it to change its principles, calling for a just and equitable settlement of the Palestinian issue through direct negotiations to be held under the supervision of the United Nations and within an international mechanism to sponsor the peace process.

"China views the Middle East as being for the people of the Middle East, and the countries of the world should fully respect the social systems and development methods chosen by the countries of the region, and no party from the international community can seek to change the systems and development patterns in these countries, but rather to respecting differences and adhering to the principle of non-interference in internal affairs," he added. "We also encourage the countries of the Middle East to explore development paths with characteristics that suit the countries of the region on their independent will."

He indicated that China works to support development, cooperation, stability, and security around the world, based on its belief that eliminating the source of troubles in the region lies in achieving development and improving living conditions.

The Chinese ambassador said that China continues to provide qualitative assistance to the Palestinian people to overcome the coronavirus, as it is expected that 100,000 doses of the Chinese vaccine will arrive in Palestine tomorrow morning, which will contribute to supporting the implementation of the vaccination campaign supervised by the Ministry of Health to alleviate the impact of the pandemic on the people.

"We will also provide more medical and health assistance to Palestine, all of which is evidence that China is interested in development as a means to achieve stability in the region," he concluded.


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