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Israel refuses to let Palestinian out of prison at end of his 20-year jail sentence

HEBRON, Thursday, June 1, 2023 (WAFA) – Ra’fat Janazreh, 47, a Palestinian prisoner who was supposed to be released today after the end of his 20-year sentence in Israeli prisons, was not let out of prison today by the Israeli occupation authorities, according to the Palestinian Prisoner’s Siety (PPS).

Amjad Najjar, a spokesman for PPS, told WAFA that instead of letting him out at the end of his prison sentence, Israeli occupation authorities re-arrested Janazreh shortly after he arrived at Ad-Dahiriya military checkpoint, south of Hebron, while he was on his way home coming from prison.

He said relatives and friends as well as representatives of government and civil organizations were waiting at the checkpoint to welcome Janazreh back from prison, but were shocked that the latter was not allowed out of prison, and was instead re-arrested by the Israeli occupation army.

It is not clear now whether Janazreh is briefly detained by the Israeli army or is being sent back to prison once again.


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