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Two Palestinians sustain bruises in settler attack in Hebron

HEBRON, Wednesday, January 11, 2023 (WAFA) – Two Palestinians Tuesday evening sustained bruises due to a settler attack in the Hebron city neighborhood of Tal Rumeida, according to an activist.

Issa Amro, founder of Youth Against Settlements, said that Israeli settlers attacked Palestinian children with stones and attempted to physically assault them, inflicting light bruises across the body of a child.

Amro himself, who intervened to save the children, sustained bruises after being hit by a stone from the settlers.

He posted on his Facebook account that he filed a complaint with Israeli police, the fifth compliant he filed in 10 days, over settler attacks, “but the same settlers keep attacking us without any accountability,” he added.

The Palestinian neighborhood is located in the Israeli-controlled area of the old town, known as H2, where several hundred extremist Jewish settlers are based. Israel heavily restricts movement and activity of Palestinians in H2 area while allowing the settlers free movement and access.

The city of Hebron, which houses the Ibrahimi Mosque, is home to roughly 160,000 Palestinian Muslims and about 800 notoriously aggressive Israeli settlers who live in compounds heavily guarded by Israeli troops.

Israel has expelled the only international monitors protecting Hebron’s Palestinians from 800 heavily guarded settlers, one of whom committed the 1994 massacre that triggered their deployment.


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