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Demolitions reported near Jerusalem, Jericho and Salfit

Demolitions reported near Jerusalem, Jericho and Salfit
Demolitions near Jericho.

JERUSALEM/JERICHO/SALFIT, Tuesday, January 10, 2023 (WAFA) – Israeli demolition of Palestinian-owned buildings and structures was reported today near Jerusalem, Jericho, and Salfit in the occupied territories.

In the town of Anata, northeast of Jerusalem, an Israeli army force accompanied a bulldozer broke into the town and proceeded to demolish four structures built near the apartheid and segregation barrier, as well as a retaining wall built for over 70 years and a container set up on Waqf-owned land that led to the destruction of its contents, according to Anata mayor Taha Numan.

The forces also demolished a wall located in Area B, which is under Palestinian administration and Israeli military control, as well as more retaining walls built on land owned by a local resident, which the mayor said was holding a road that could collapse in bad rainy weather as a result.

In the Jericho area, east of the West Bank, Israeli army bulldozers demolished a Palestinian-owned building in the village of al-Diyouk al-Tahta and issued a demolition order against another one built for over 15 years.

The forces also demolished stores built on the main road in the town of al-Ouja owned by a local resident.

In the Salfit district in the north of the West Bank, Israeli occupation forces broke into the town of Kufr al-Dik, surrounded a house owned by a local resident, and proceeded to demolish it after evicting its residents.


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