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For second week, settlers destroy farmer’s storehouse south of Tulkarm

TULKARM, Sunday, January 1, 2023 (WAFA) – For the second week in a row, extremist Israeli settlers destroyed today the content of a storehouse belonging to a Palestinian farmer in the village of Shufa, to the southeast of Tulkarm in the occupied West Bank, according to the owner.

Tahseen Hamed, a farmer and the owner of the storehouse, told WAFA he was surprised when he arrived to his land this morning to find that Israeli settlers had destroyed the contents of his storehouse and vandalized the agricultural equipment inside.

He noted that this was the second attack since last week, adding that settlers usually storm the agricultural lands of the village, release their sheep to graze there, prevent farmers from grazing their sheep and force them to leave at gunpoint.

Violence and vandalism by Israeli settlers are almost a daily routine under Israel’s apartheid regime in occupied Palestine.

More than 600,000 illegal Israeli settlers live in the occupied West Bank in violation of international law


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