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A visiting Russian medical team praises Palestine's handling of the coronavirus pandemic

A visiting Russian medical team praises Palestine's handling of the coronavirus pandemic
Minister of Health with the visiting Russian medical delegation on its last day in Palestine. (WAFA Images)


RAMALLAH, Sunday, November 29, 2020 (WAFA) - Lyudmila Gavrilova, head of a Russian medical delegation visiting Palestine, said this evening that the Palestinian handling of the coronavirus pandemic is successful and the Palestinian protocol is distinctive.

Speaking at a farewell event for the delegation at the conclusion of its two-week visit to Palestine held by the Ministry of Health in Ramallah, Gavrilova said she saw successful experiments in dealing with the pandemic, and that after visiting 10 hospitals in the West Bank specialized in treating corona she found a commitment to the Palestinian medical protocol and the protocols of the World Health Organization, which reflects the distinctive performance of Palestine in this field.

She said that Palestinian doctors have a high level of experience in caring for patients with the coronavirus which is a key aspect of recovery, especially for those in the intensive care unit who need special care.

She explained that a group of Russian doctors from Pavlov First University in St. Petersburg joined Palestinian doctors in treating people infected with coronavirus with the aim of sharing the Russian experience in this field and that they also organized a number of discussions, seminars and training at Palestinian hospitals to help in fighting the virus.

Minister of Health Mai Alkaila thanked the Russian delegation for the distinguished medical expertise the team provided to the Palestinians, stressing that the visit coincides with the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People and therefore this visit is considered part of international solidarity with the Palestinian people and an affirmation of the Palestinian rights.

She said that the Palestinian medical personnel have benefited a lot from the Russian delegation and exchanged experience with it, indicating that the Ministry of Health requested, through the Russian Embassy in Palestine, to look into the possibility of Palestinian doctors getting specialized training in Russia, particularly in the intensive care field.

For his part, the Russian ambassador to Palestine said that this visit is the beginning of special medical cooperation between Palestine and Russia, stressing Russia's lasting stand by Palestine.


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