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Palestinian woman appointed ‘Save our Future’ Global Ambassador to defend right of children to education

Palestinian woman appointed ‘Save our Future’ Global Ambassador to defend right of children to education
Mai al-Qaisi with Palestinian youths during one of her activities with the youth. (Photo courtesy of ActionAid Palestine)

RAMALLAH, Tuesday, October 20, 2020 (WAFA) - The global movement "Save our Future" for education - which defends the right of children to education - appointed the Palestinian young woman, Mai al-Qaisi as a global ambassador to defend the rights of refugee children to education, today said a press release by ActionAid Palestine.

Mai exerted tireless efforts in implementing musical and educational initiatives seeking to develop the education and well-being of Palestinian refugee children in the south of West Bank. She also leads the youth program implemented by ActionAid Palestine, said the press release.

Mai is a Palestinian young woman and daughter of refugee parents. She was raised in Jibreen refugee camp near Bethlehem in the south of West Bank after her grandparents were displaced from their original village, Beit Jibreen, during the Nakba, or catastrophe, of 1948. She gained her secondary education in UWC Atlantic College and her university education in the University of Exeter in the field of international relations and political science.

During her childhood, Mai joined many cultural and community organizations, initiatives and activities seeking to promote the rights and wellbeing of Palestinian children in general and refugee children in particular. She has also participated in many international and local activities and conferences since she was a little child using means of culture, art and dialogue to convey the suffering of Palestinian children to the world.

After she joined ActionAid Palestine in 2013, Mai focused her activism on promoting the participation of Palestinian youth in serving their community. Through her job, she seeks to empower youth to lead local and international campaigns to advocate for the Palestinian cause in general and the rights of Palestinian youth and children in particular.

During the COVID-19 crisis, Mai has dedicated her time to organize and coordinate the engagement of Palestinian youth in preparedness and response actions in emergency conditions to combat the spread of COVID-19 in the occupied Palestinian territory.

ActionAid Palestine expressed its happiness towards this global appointment which represents supporting Palestinian youth and recognizing their capacities. "Offering Mai this appointment recognizes her engagement and commitment towards defending the rights of Palestinian children and youth to education, playing and participation," said ActionAid Palestine.

Mai expressed her happiness towards this appointment saying: "I have a strong message to the world stating that education is the basis of everything in our just cause. The world is demanded to ensure the rights of Palestinian children to education, training, and learning music and arts. Children are the hope for building the future of my country, Palestine, and achieving justice and peace for Palestine and the whole world."


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