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Yousef Abu Jaber buried but questions remain about shooting him dead following a Tel Aviv incident

Yousef Abu Jaber buried but questions remain about shooting him dead following a Tel Aviv incident
Abu Jaber's funeral in Kafr Qassem.

KAFR QASSEM, Tuesday, April 11, 2023 (WAFA) - The Abu Jaber family in the city of Kafr Qassem, this morning buried its son, Yousef Abu Jaber, 45, yet many questions remain about the circumstances regarding shooting him dead following an incident on the Tel Aviv beach last Friday.

The Israeli police claimed Abu Jaber was shot dead after he ran his car into a group of people in Tel Aviv, which resulted in the death of an Italian tourist and the injury of others.

Members of the Abu Jaber family, a few acquaintances, and a small number of Kafr Qasim residents participated in the funeral, which was restricted by the police as a condition to turn over the body to his family for burial, which was done this morning. The police restrictions included limiting the number of participants in the funeral to only 50 people and that no political or patriotic chants should be heard at the funeral.

The Abu Jaber family, which insists that the alleged car-ramming was an accident and not an attack, says the Israeli police executed its son for no reason and demanded an investigation into the incident. It said the weapon that the police claimed he used was not found, and the police hid the videos documenting the incident.

Magen David Adom ambulance service had initially claimed that the Italian tourist was killed as a result of being shot, most likely by the police who killed Abu Jaber, and then changed its statement to that the death was a result of a run-over, knowing that the one who decides the cause of death is the forensic experts and not the police.

The Israeli police also claimed at the beginning that Abu Jaber tried to pull a weapon in his car, and so he was shot to death by a policeman following the incident, but hours after the incident, they changed their statement and said that the weapon was not a real weapon. The police did not even provide documentation of the fake weapon.


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