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Israeli court rejects appeal against the demolition of an elementary school near Bethlehem

BETHLEHEM, Monday, February 27, 2023 (WAFA) – An Israeli court today rejected an appeal submitted by the Wall and Settlement Resistance Commission and the Society of St. Yves, a Catholic human rights organization, against a previous court order to demolish the al-Tahadi School 5 (Challenge 5) in Beit Taamer area to the east of the city of Bethlehem.

Coordinator of the Wall and Settlement Resistance Commission, Hassan Brijiyeh, told WAFA that an Israeli court ruled for the demolition of the Tahadi school 5 in 2017, and since then the file has been legally followed up in order to cancel this decision, however, the court rejected the appeal and confirmed the decision during a last week hearing.

Bassam Jabr, the Director of Education in Bethlehem, told WAFA that 66 students attend the targeted elementary school (grades 1-6), which was previously demolished and rebuilt in 2017.

The school was built on land donated by Palestinians, who own legal papers that prove their ownership of the lands.

He explained that the school was built to facilitate students’ movement and respond to their essential needs due to the long distance the students needed to travel every day to reach other schools.


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