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Presidency condemns ongoing Israeli assaults on Sheikh Jarrah

Presidency condemns ongoing Israeli assaults on Sheikh Jarrah

RAMALLAH, Friday, February 18, 2022 (WAFA) – Nabil Abu Rudeineh, spokesman for President Mahmoud Abbas, today condemned the ongoing Israeli assaults on the Palestinian people in the occupied Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah, including the suppression of peaceful protests there.  

He stressed that the growing presence of international officials in solidarity with the people of Sheikh Jarrah “confirms the world's support for truth and justice, which is symbolized by our people's struggle in Sheikh Jarrah.”

Abu Rudeineh said that “these Israeli assaults are a continuation of the series of ongoing crimes committed in all the occupied Palestinian territories against our Palestinian people, whether by the occupation army, or by settlers.” He held the Israeli government fully responsible for this dangerous escalation and its consequences on security and stability.

“The Palestinian people will remain patient, steadfast, adhering to their legitimate rights, and their decisive and firm stance toward Jerusalem, and will not allow the occupation and settlers' attacks to continue,” he stressed. “These attacks will not deter our people from achieving their goal of establishing their independent Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital.”

The presidential spokesman stressed that the decisions of the PLO Central Council are now on the table for implementation as Israel refuses to abide by the resolutions of international legitimacy and international law.

He urged the US administration to implement its commitments to stop Israeli settlement expansion and prevent the displacement of Palestinians from their homes, saying “it is time to turn words into deeds, and not be satisfied with the policy of condemnation, which is no longer workable.”

Abu Rudeineh stressed that Amnesty International’s recent report on Israeli apartheid has isolated Israel in the international arena.

He explained that the peaceful popular resistance, whether in Sheikh Jarrah, Beita, Kafr Qaddum and elsewhere will continue in the face of the Israeli army and settlers’ attacks, stressing “the need for the international community to provide international protection for the Palestinian people in accordance with the resolutions of international legitimacy.”

“The Palestinian people always stand united in defense of their principles and sanctities, and it is a message to all that without recognition of all the Palestinian rights, the entire region will continue to burn, and security, stability and prosperity will not be achieved for anyone.”


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