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Despite Israeli decision to shut down Health Work Committees, it reopens its doors

RAMALLAH, Thursday, June 17, 2021 (WAFA) - The Palestinian Health Work Committees (HWC) in the occupied West Bank city of al-Bireh reopened its doors despite an Israeli authorities’ decision to shut it down for a period of six months.

Minister of health Mai al-Kaileh, who attended the reopening ceremony, said that the reopening of the HWC headquarters came in response to calls made by popular Resistance Committees and the coordinating council of civil society organizations.

The PLO human rights department praised the reopening decision, stating that: "this step represents an effective response to the occupation's violations against the sovereignty of the Palestinian territories and the work of Palestinian civil society institutions, which it stressed should not be left to the racism and arrogance of the occupation.

On June 9th, Israeli forces at dawn raided the main headquarters of the leading health organization in the occupied West Bank city of al-Bireh and ordered the place to be shut down.



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