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Presidential spokesperson: Israeli occupation attacks on Palestinian civilians are not self-defense

RAMALLAH, Saturday, May 15, 2021 (WAFA) - Presidential spokesman Nabil Abu Rudeineh said that the Israeli occupation attacks on Palestinian civilians are not self-defense, preventing worshipers from reaching holy sites is not to preserve security, and displacing and destroying citizens’ homes is nothing other than aggression that cannot be tolerated.

He stressed that the international solidarity campaigns in condemnation of the Israeli aggression on Gaza are clear evidence of the justness and strength of the Palestinian cause.

He said that after 73 years under Israeli occupation, the Palestinian people still possess the same determination and will, adding that Palestine is a sacred land that will burn anyone who tries to undermine, assault, or conspire against it.

He said that what’s happening right now is a clear message to Israel and the entire world that these continuous crimes will harm the interests of the region and the world, stressing that it is no longer acceptable for anyone to remain silent; “It is either peace that the Palestinian people are satisfied with or there is no peace for anyone.”


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