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Egypt exerting effort to consolidate reconciliation, says Fatah official


RAMALLAH, February 14, 2018 (WAFA) – Egypt is exerting effort to consolidate the intra-Palestinian reconciliation agreement signed in Cairo in October and plans to send a security delegation to the Gaza Strip within days to monitor the situation closely, Azzam al-Ahmad, member of the Fatah Central Committee, said on Wednesday.

He told Voice of Palestine radio that the Egyptian leadership will meet with a Hamas delegation currently on a visit to Cairo to discuss the issue of ending the division and enabling the conciliation government to carry out its duties in the Gaza Strip.

Ahmad said that Egypt invited both Fatah and Hamas to meet with its officials in Cairo following reports and warnings of the possible collapse in the situation in the Gaza Strip, denying reports that Egypt has called for a meeting between Fatah and Hamas in the Egyptian capital.

He said that Fatah is waiting for the next step by Egypt regarding the reconciliation, which it said it will announce after meeting with Hamas leaders.

He said Fatah has urged Egypt to resume its moves to consolidate the Palestinian reconciliation.

Ahmad said that an Egyptian security delegation would return to the Gaza Strip within days at the request of Fatah to monitor the situation closely, especially in light of the fact that the government was not able to carry out its duties effectively, noting that Egypt announced at an international meeting in Brussels recently that Hamas did not commit to many of the points agreed upon in Cairo.


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