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Arab League urges US abide by UN resolutions on Jerusalem


CAIRO, December 5, 2017 (WAFA) – The Council of the League of Arab States called on Tuesday upon the United States to comply with all United Nations Jerusalem-related resolutions.

After an emergency meeting called by Palestine, the Cairo-based council urged the US administration to continue to play a positive, fair and impartial role to achieve a lasting and comprehensive peace in the Middle East, based on the relevant United Nations resolutions, the norms of international law, the 2002 Arab peace initiative, the two-state solution and the principle of land for peace.

Last week, several US media outlets reported that the US administration intends to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. The US did not deny the reports.

The Council also demanded the US to abide by the UN resolutions on Jerusalem, including Security Council resolutions 252 (1968), 267 (1969), 465, 476 and 478 (1980), 2334 (2016) and the principles of international law, which consider all Israeli actions and laws aimed at changing the legal and historical status of East Jerusalem null and void.

It stressed that these resolutions ban the establishment of diplomatic missions, the transfer of embassies or the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

"These resolutions consider East Jerusalem as an integral part of the Palestinian territory occupied in 1967," the Council stressed.

"Any recognition of the city of Jerusalem as the capital of the occupying power, the establishment of any diplomatic mission in Jerusalem or its transfer to the city is an open aggression against the Arab nation, the rights of the Palestinian people and all Muslims and Christians," the Council warned.

It added that such moves are considered serious violations of international law and the Fourth Geneva Convention and relevant Security Council resolutions.

"Such an illegal recognition would constitute a serious threat to peace, security and stability in the region, as well as to peace chances and the two-state solution," according to the Council.

The Council also mandated the Arab Group in New York to examine effective ways to address any such step, through the organs of the United Nations, including the Security Council.

The Council said it remains in constant session to follow up the developments in this regard, while considering convening the Ministerial Council at the ministerial level as soon as possible.


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