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President Abbas receives thank-you call over return of teen’s body withheld by gunmen

RAMALLAH, Thursday, November 24, 2022 (WAFA) – President Mahmoud Abbas today received a thank-you call from a representative of the Druze citizens of Israel over the successful return of a teen’s body withheld by Palestinian gunmen.

President Abbas received a phone call from Saleh Tarif, who expressed gratitude for him over his efforts aimed at securing the return of the body of 18-year-old Tiran Fero taken by Palestinian gunmen from a hospital in the northern West Bank city of Jenin on suspicion of being an undercover Israeli soldier.

Fero, a resident of the Druze-majority town of Daliyat al-Karmel in northern Israel, was critically injured in a car crash near Jenin city. He was brought to a local hospital due to his severe condition. After he was already dead, his body was grabbed by Palestinian gunmen to be used as a bargaining chip to secure the release of over 100 bodies of Palestinian gunned down by Israeli military gunfire and withheld by Israel.

During the phone call, President Abbas extended his deep condolences to the Ferro family and the entire Druze community while stressing the need to renounce discord and consolidate brotherly relations.

The highest echelons of the Palestinian security establishment, including the head of General Intelligence Majed Faraj, were involved in the efforts to secure the release of Fero’s body.

The body was taken by a Palestinian Red Crescent ambulance from the General Intelligence headquarter in Jenin and handed to the Israeli side.


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