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PM Shtayyeh condemns Israeli army killing of a Palestinian woman in Bethlehem

RAMALLAH, Sunday, April 10, 2022 (WAFA) – Prime Minister, Mohammed Shtayyeh, in a statement today condemned the Israeli army killing of a Palestinian woman in her mid-40s in Bethlehem.

Shtayyeh held the Israeli government fully responsible for the consequences of this heinous crime.

He stressed that the occupation’s soldiers won’t stop their terrorist practices and shooting at civilians, which have resulted in the killing of numerous Palestinians, including women and the elderly.

“The organized state terrorism practiced by Israel requires international human rights organizations to condemn it and take the necessary measures to halt it,” said Shtayyeh.

Israeli forces earlier today shot a Palestinian woman at close range of just a few feet on mere suspicion while she was crossing an Israeli military checkpoint near the village of Husan, west of Bethlehem. She succumbed to her wounds shortly after.


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