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Israel that demands return of Jewish property is stealing Palestinian property, says Palestine’s ambassador to Poland

RAMALLAH, Thursday, August 19, 2021 (WAFA) - Palestine's ambassador to Poland, Mahmoud Khalifa, said today that Israel, which is very upset because Poland has enacted a law refusing to return property of Jews who were killed by the Nazis on its land on the eve of World War II, has itself enacted a law banning the return of the property of Palestinians who were displaced in 1948.

Khalifa was commenting to WAFA in a telephone interview on a Polish bill that would impose restrictions on the ability of Israeli Jews to recover property seized by the German occupiers and kept by the communist rulers after World War II, which angered Israel that described the law as anti-Semitic.

“Through the incessant Israeli statements, evoking the Jewish holocaust, and resorting to past laws - I believe as indicated by Polish officials - Israel seeks to exploit the historical mischief and monopolize the historical injustice as if it is a matter of the Jews only,” he said.

“If Israel is concerned about international law and order, it must implement international resolutions related to the rights of Palestinian refugees and their return,” said Khalifa, referring to the deceptiveness used until today by Israel to seize and steal Palestinian property in the Palestinian territories.

Palestine’s ambassador to Poland stressed that the issue of Palestinian rights is clear. “Israel must implement international resolutions and restore the rights it robbed and seized from the Palestinian people, whether this was in 1948 or 1967 and in between them. The colonial settlement construction on our occupied Palestinian land reflects the extent of the deception by Israel to steal Palestinian land, whether that is by deceiving international resolutions or deceptions under the title of a fabricated sale to control Palestinian property,” said Khalifa.


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