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Israeli settlers storm cemetery near Jerusalem's

JERUSALEM, Monday, May 17, 2021 (WAFA) – Dozens of settlers stormed this morning the Bab al-Rahma cemetery, adjacent to the Al-Aqsa Mosque, and Al-Ghazali Square near Bab Al-Asbat, and performed Talmudic rituals.

Eyewitnesses said that the settlers broke into the Bab al-Rahma cemetery, and performed Talmudic rituals at the gate, in the middle of the cemetery, on the wall of the Al-Aqsa Mosque, and performed Talmudic dances in Imam Al-Ghazali Square in front of Bab al-Asbat, one of the gates of Al-Aqsa, before storming the cemetery.

The settlers' dances and raid of the  cemetery and the vicinity of the Bab al-Asbat came after they failed to storm the Al-Aqsa Mosque from the Bab al-Maghariba for the second day in a row.

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