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Israel demolishes Palestinian home in East Jerusalem for second time in a week


The Abu Sneineh residence in Silwan left in rubble after the Israeli municipality of West Jerusalem had demolished it for the second time in one week. (WAFA photo/Afif Amireh) 

JERUSALEM, August 22, 2017 (WAFA) – Israeli municipality of West Jerusalem demolished on Tuesday a Palestinian home in the occupied East Jerusalem neighborhood of Silwan for the second time in one week, citing unlicensed building as a pretext.

WAFA correspondent said Israeli border police cordoned off the targeted area as municipality crews proceeded to demolish the home of Abdul-Karim Abu Sneineh claiming it was “illegally” built.

The municipality demolished the Abu Sneineh home the first time last week but the family, and in cooperation with activists and neighbors, was able to rebuild it in few days using brick and tin sheet for the roof to serve as temporary shelter for the destitute family.

A day after the reconstruction was completed, however, the municipality came back and re-demolished it.

The Abu Sneineh home is located in an area of Silwan known as the Bustan, where the municipality had previously issued demolition orders to 88 Palestinian homes in the same area under the pretext of construction without permit.

Palestinians fear Israel wants to clear the Bustan area from its homes in order to turn it over for hardline Jewish settlement groups, who claim Silwan as the City of David.

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