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Israeli settlers attack Palestinians on West Bank roads, injure one


BETHLEHEM, Monday, December 17, 2018 (WAFA) – A Palestinian man was injured on Monday after he was attacked by Israeli settlers while driving near the southern West Bank town of Tuqa, to the east of the city of Bethlehem, Palestinian security sources said.

They told WAFA that a group of settlers threw rocks at 29-years old Firas Dabdoub‘s car. After he had to stop, they attacked him and dragged him out of the car and started to beat him, causing him several injuries.

He was taken to hospital in Bethlehem for treatment.

Israeli settlers have escalated their attacks against Palestinians in the West Bank by either throwing rocks at their cars as they drove on the roads or by attacking their villages while the army either watch or encourage them. They also attacked schools and children going to their schools causing grave panic and serious concern among Palestinians.

Many people, including children, were injured in the last few days by settlers’ attacks and several cars were damage.

One incident was recorded in which Israeli police detained three settlers for throwing rocks at Palestinians in the West Bank. However soldiers intervened on behalf of the settlers and got into a fight with the police in order to free them.

The Palestinian government has been demanding international protection for the Palestinian civilians in the occupied territories against Israeli army and settlers’ attacks.


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