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Israeli Forces Detain 25 Palestinians from West Bank

HEBRON, November 3, 2015 (WAFA) – Israeli forces overnight detained 25 Palestinians from West Bank districts, said Palestine Prisoners’ Club (PPC) and security sources.

Israeli forces detained at least eight Palestinians from Hebron, seven from Jerusalem, four from Jenin, two from Nablus, two from Tulkarem and two others from Ramallah.

In Hebron, forces raided Yatta town, south of the city, where they proceeded to detain three Palestinians, including two children, after breaking into and ransacking their houses.

The detainees were identified as Sanad Mughannam, 14, his cousin, Hammad, 13, and Muhammad Taha, 19. 

Forces also detained two more Palestinians after storming and ransacking their houses in predawn raid into Surif town, north of Hebron. The detainees were identified as Muhammad Haddush, 21, and Marwan Abu Fara, 20.

Furthermore, forces conducted several raids across Hebron district, where they detained at least three other Palestinians identified as Muhammad al-Khatib, Hazem Abu Hadwan and Muhammad Abu Sneina.

Meanwhile in Jerusalem, Israeli police detained at least seven Palestinians Monday evening and overnight.

The detainees were identified as Muhammad Haddad, 24, Murad at-Tarhoni, Husam Ghneim, Jamal Az-Za‘tari, Mahmoud Ash-Shawish and Ma’moun Gheith.

Another Palestinian was detained as Israeli police raided the Jerusalem neighborhood of al-‘Issawiya. He was identified as ‘Odai Dari.

Meanwhile in Jenin city, forces detained four Palestinians after breaking into and tampering with the contents of their houses. The detainees were identified as Osama Salah, 19, Baker al-Sabi‘, 18, and As‘ad Hamran.

Furthermore, a Palestinian minor was detained by Israeli forces at al-Jalama military checkpoint, to the northeast of the city. The detainees were identified as Muhammad al-Mohr, 16, from Jenin refugee camp.

Israeli forces raided Nablus city, where they broke into several houses and detained two Palestinians identified as Ahmad Shalabi and Ya‘coup Istaitiyya.

Furthermore in Tulkarem, forces detained two Palestinians during a predawn raid into the city. The detainees were identified as Yahya Nimr, 31, and Muhammad Ghanem, 18.

In the meantime in Ramallah, forces detained a Palestinian identified as Subhi Abu Ghwaila, 21. Israeli forces also re-detained another Palestinian at the nearby Jaba‘ military checkpoint. Sa’ed As-Salibi, 19, was re-detained while heading to his work.


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