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Israel bans export of Palestinian agricultural products abroad


RAMALLAH, Friday, February 7, 2020 (WAFA) – The Ministry of National Economy said in a statement today that Israeli occupation authorities have recently returned back several Palestinian-produced truckloads of agricultural products that were destined for export abroad.

It said that during the past two days, Israeli occupation authorities banned the exit of all Palestinian agricultural items to the outside world, and informed their exporters that the ban would remain in effect until further notice.

"The decision of the Israeli "Defense" Minister Naftali Bennet was apparently not restricted to preventing the entry of Palestinian agricultural products to the Israeli market, but also included a ban on such exports to the countries of the world, including dates and olive oil," said the ministry.

Earlier this week, the Palestinian government declared a ban on the entry of Israeli products into the Palestinian market, including vegetables, fruits, juices, mineral water and carbonated drinks.

This was in response to Bennet’s decision banning the entry of Palestinian agricultural products into Israel, in retaliation for the Palestinian government‘s boycott of Israeli-produced cattle for almost four months.

Exports of Palestinian agricultural products to Israel amounted to 88 million dollars during 2018, which represents 68% of the total Palestinian agricultural exports to the world, estimated at 130 million dollars in 2018.





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