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UNRWA warns against escalation in fighting at Syria’s Yarmouk refugee camp


JERUSALEM, April 26, 2018 (WAFA) - United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) warned on Thursday in a press release against the disastrous consequences of the serious escalation of fighting in Yarmouk refugee camp in Syria and expressed its deep concern about the fate of thousands of Palestinian refugees in and around the camp.

UNRWA, Commissioner-General‎: ‎Pierre Krähenbühl said that Palestinian refugees at Yarmouk have suffered pain over the long years of conflict, and expressed his concern about the fate of thousands of civilians, including Palestinian refugees, after more than a week of dramatically increasing violence.

UNRWA explained that the current hostilities caused deaths, injuries and the displacement of some 5,000 refugees from Palestine from Yarmouk camp to the neighboring Yilda area. There is also uncertain number of civilians besieged in Yarmouk and in desperate need of a safe passage out of the camp.

UNRWA reiterated its appeal to all conflicting parties to self-control in order to ensure the protection of civilians and to take measures to prevent any damage to infrastructure.

It also called for immediate opening of a safe passage for civilians wishing to leave the camp and neighboring areas and to evacuate the sick, wounded and elderly people from the camp.

It also urged them to observe the international humanitarian law at all times.

Krähenbühl stressed that UNRWA is ready to provide urgently needed assistance in Yarmouk and its surrounding areas when the security situation allows them to access the camp.


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