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Israeli forces impound four vehicles, fine journalists in Khan al-Ahmar


Israeli police impounding WAFA vehicle at Khan al-Ahmar. (WAFA Images) 

JERUSALEM, July 5, 2018 (WAFA) – Israeli forces impounded on Thursday four vehicles, one of them belongs to WAFA news agency, and issued traffic fines to many other vehicles and people in Khan al-Ahmar to the east of Jerusalem while trying to report on Israeli attempts to demolish the community, according to WAFA correspondent.

He said the Israeli army and police impounded the agency’s van and three other vehicles and transferred them to a nearby police station under the pretext the vehicles were parked in a closed military zone.

Police also issued traffic tickets to several vehicles owned by journalists who went to the scene to report on the developments there and a Red Crescent ambulance, which was in the area to provide medical care in case anyone needed it, as well as to reporters who attempted to reach the community on foot.

Reporters said that the Israeli police and army had sealed off Khan al-Ahmar since the early hours to prevent journalists and activists from reaching the community, slated for demolition at any time.

Journalists who left their cars on the main road where the community is located and walked across the highway to reach it were fined or had their cars impounded.

The army had earlier attacked activists who were on a vigil at the community to prevent its demolition and detained some of them, including three internationals.

Meanwhile, a group of Israeli extremists and settlers from the illegal nearby Kfar Adumim settlement demonstrated on the road across from Khan al-Ahmar community in support of its demolition. Israel wants to demolish the community to use the land to expand the illegal settlement.

The international community has warned Israel against demolishing and displacing the Palestinian community of around 180 people. The demolition is expected to also affect the area’s only school that caters to around 150 students from five nearby Bedouin communities from grade 1 to 9.


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