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WHO: Third of Gaza referral patients denied Israeli exit permit

JERUSALEM, September 8, 2016 (WAFA) – Three in 10 patients from Gaza who applied for a permit to leave the Gaza Strip to get medical treatment in East Jerusalem, West Bank or Israeli hospitals have been denied or delayed a permit, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Thursday in its monthly report on referral of Gaza patients.

It said that of 2,040 patient permit applications to exit Gaza through Erez checkpoint with Israel for hospital appointments in July, 67.5% were approved, 9.5 percent (190 persons) were denied, including eight children and 14 elderly persons over 60 years, and 23 percent (473 patients) received no response, including 138 children and 57 elderly people over 60.

The report said that more than four in 10 patients’ companions were denied or delayed permit. The approval rate for patient companions’ permit applications was 57.5%, but 10.5% were denied and the remaining 32% were pending.

It further said that 20 patients, among them four females, were requested for Israeli General Security Service  interviews at Erez during July. Three were approved and  three were denied permits.

The Ministry of Health referred 1,881 patients in July to outside care.



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