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Settlers say they plan to take over Palestinian land to open a road for themselves


BETHLEHEM, October 8, 2018 (WAFA) – Jewish settlers from the illegal Nave Daniel settlement, south of Bethlehem, told Palestinian residents of the village of Shoshahleh in the Bethlehem-area town of al-Khader that they intend to open a road that will connect their settlement to the main Jerusalem-Hebron road, a local official said on Monday.

Ahmad Salah, from the anti-wall and anti-settlements committee in al-Khader, told WAFA that the head of Navi Danial settlement and other settlers broke into Shoshahleh village in a barbaric way and photographed homes and an old mosque.

When the settlers were questioned about their reason for coming to the village and for taking pictures of homes, they told the residents that they are going to build a bypass road to the main highway that would go through that part of the village, which means seizing Palestinian land.


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