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PLO official calls for pressure on Israel to halt all unilateral measures

PLO official calls for pressure on Israel to halt all unilateral measures

RAMALLAH, Monday, June 19, 2023 (WAFA) – A senior Palestine Liberation Organization official today called for pressure on Israel to halt all its unilateral measures.

“I called on the American delegation to put pressure on the Israeli government to stop all unilateral measures, and to abide by the outcomes of Aqaba and Sharm al-Sheikh, which no longer exist in light of the Israeli disavowal of them, starting with stopping the Israeli military incursions into the West Bank and the shedding of Palestinian blood.” Secretary-General of the PLO Executive Committee Hussein al-Sheikh tweeted.

He made his comments during a meeting with an American delegation headed by the Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs at the US State Department, Barbara Leaf.

He stressed that it was not possible to continue holding the ]quinquennial[ conferences “if there is no actual and tangible positive development on the ground”

He informed the American delegation that "the Palestinian leadership would hold an important meeting and take decisions and measures in response to the Israeli decisions and their escalation.

Barbara expressed the US administration's concern about the security situation, and talked about the US efforts exerted and the intensive contacts that are being conducted to calm the situation, as tweeted on al-Sheikh’s official Twitter account.

She called on “the two parties to return to the negotiating track” while pointing that she will consult with the two parties during her visit.


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