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At least 13 Palestinians were rounded up in Israeli army raids in the occupied territories

At least 13 Palestinians were rounded up in Israeli army raids in the occupied territories
Israeli occupation forces detaining Palestinians in the occupied territories.

RAMALLAH, Tuesday, August 23, 2022 (WAFA) – Israeli occupation forces today and last night detained at least 13 Palestinians and wounded another in multiple raids across the occupied territories, according to various sources.

They said that Israeli forces rounded up two Palestinians after breaking into and searching the houses of their families in Ni'lin town, west of Ramallah.

In the northern West Bank, a convoy of army vehicles stormed Tubas city, where the soldiers arrested two former prisoners.

During the raid, an army vehicle crashed into a Palestinian-registered vehicle, injuring a construction worker who left his home at dawn on their way to Israel, sustaining bruises in his lower extremities and was subsequently taken to hospital for treatment.

In Tulkarm district, the soldiers showed up at a house in Qaffin town, northeast of the city, and detained one person after searching his family home.

In the Jordan Valley, soldiers forcibly entered two houses in Fasayil village, north of Jericho, and detained two teenagers after ransacking their family homes.

In the southern West Bank, soldiers surrounded three houses in al-Khader town, south of Bethlehem, and detained three people, including two brothers, and searched the houses, turning them upside down.

Elsewhere in the southern West Bank, the sources confirmed that three people were detained from Hebron city.

On Monday evening, police brutally assaulted a Palestinian in the vicinity of Bab al-Asbat in Jerusalem’s Old City and detained him.



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