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Israel forces family to bury son who died in Israeli custody at night

Israel forces family to bury son who died in Israeli custody at night
Jerusalemite Abdo al-Tamimi who dies Wednesday night while in Israeli custody

JERUSALEM, Friday, July 23, 2021 (WAFA) – Israeli authorities released the body of Abdo Tamimi, who died Wednesday night while in Israeli custody, after ordering the family to hold the burial at night with the participation of a limited number of his family.

The body was laid to rest pre-dawn Friday at Bab al-Asbat cemetery in occupied Jerusalem.

Forty-three-year-old Tamimi, from Shufa’at refugee camp in occupied Jerusalem, was detained last Sunday over a traffic violation.

He died late Wednesday night while being held in the Russian compound detention and interrogation center, known as al-Maskubiyya, in Jerusalem.

The Tamimi family said Israeli police contacted them and informed them that Abdo died of a heart attack inside his cell at al-Maskubiyya, an interrogation center known for its brutal use of torture.

Israel holds about 5,300 Palestinians in its prisons, including 40 women and 250 children. Approximately 520 are held as administrative detainees.

According to the Commission of Detainees and Ex-Detainees Affairs, 226 detainees have died in Israeli jails since June 1967, including 73 who died due to torture, 71 due to medical ignorance, 75 due to deliberate murder, and 7 due to shooting them inside the prison.

Moreover, hundreds of detainees died after releasing them due to diseases they got in prison caused by torture, medical ignorance, and bad treatment, it said.

The commission confirmed that the Israeli occupation authorities depend on detention as a firm policy since occupying the rest of the Palestinian territories in June 1967, where detention became a constant behavior and main part of the Palestinians lives who are still suffering from the detention and its consequences.


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