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Extremist Jewish lawmaker violates sanctity of Muslim holy place


JERUSALEM, Monday, January 28, 2019 (WAFA) – In a step described as very dangerous, extremist Jewish lawmaker and rabbi, Yehuda Glick, violated on Monday the sanctity of Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, one of Islam’s holiest sites, when he performed a wedding ritual inside the holy compound in violation of standing rules.

Glick, who led a group of fanatic Jews into the holy compound, filmed his matrimonial ritual inside the compound, according to Muslim officials of the Waqf (Endowment) department in charge of the Muslim holy sites in Jerusalem.

Muslim officials have condemned the performance of Jewish rituals inside the Muslim compound since rules do not allow non-Muslims from performing any religious rituals in the Mosque.

Minister of Waqf Yousef Ideis said the Israeli violations of the sanctity of Al-Aqsa Mosque have reached a serious stage and harms Muslim feelings.


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