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Israel to demolish buildings, structures in Jerusalem’s Issawiya


JERUSALEM, Wednesday, May 15, 2019 (WAFA) – Staff from the Israeli municipality of west Jerusalem delivered 20 notices for the demolition of buildings and structures in the town of al-Issawiya, in central occupied Jerusalem.

Israeli forces further photographed and measured streets and buildings in al-Issawiya as well as summoned several Palestinians for investigation.

Israeli forces delivered two notices for the demolition of the annex building in the old headquarters of Shu‘fat Camp Services Committee and the third floor of Shu‘fat Youth Social Centre, citing permitted construction as  a pretext.

Head of the Camp’s Popular Committee, Mahmoud Al-Sheikh, said Israeli forces raided the committee’s headquarters in Shu‘fat refugee camp, northeast of Jerusalem, and delivered the demolition notices, despite obtaining the necessary permits from UNRWA’s department of engineering and licenses; since the two buildings are located on land belonging to UNRWA and not to the Israeli municipality.


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