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Democratic Senators call on US administration to restore aid to Gaza


WASHINGTON, Thursday, February 20, 2020 (WAFA) – A group of 31 US Democratic Senators called on the US administration to restore funding and aid to the Gaza Strip, saying that Palestinians there are facing a humanitarian crisis due to the harsh economic situation, according to American media reports.

The letter, which was led by Representatives Mark Pocan and Debbie Dingell, urged US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to take immediate action to restore humanitarian aid to Gaza and have Israel end its 13-year-old blockade.

“We write to request that the administration take immediate action to alleviate the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Gaza — and that you pursue a solution to the blockade policy that has contributed to this humanitarian and security crisis,” the Senators wrote in the letter. “As we enter the new year, the continued deterioration of water and electrical infrastructure, medical systems, and other basic economic and social services bring Gaza closer to complete collapse.”

They added, “This immediate crisis can be avoided with a resumption of bilateral US assistance to Gaza as well as funding for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency."


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