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Palestine TV crew released from Israeli detention


JERUSALEM, Friday, December 06, 2019 (WAFA) – Israel today afternoon released the Palestine TV crew detained earlier in the occupied city of Jerusalem.

WAFA correspondent reported that Israeli police released Palestine TV reporter Christine Rinawi, cameraman Ali Yassin, producer Dana Abu Shamsiya and cameraman Ameer Abed-Rabbu.

Nevertheless, former prisoner Mohammad al-Abbasi, who was detained today morning while being hosted on “Good Morning Jerusalem” show, has been kept in detention.

The Palestine TV crew was handed an order banning them from contacting one another and working with Palestine TV for 15 days, and requiring them to pay a daily bail of 2,000 shekels if they do not comply with the ban.

Israeli intelligence officers today morning detained Palestine TV crew and seized their equipment during the broadcast of “Good Morning Jerusalem” on the Mount of Olives.


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