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Israel’s Nomination to Chair UNGA Committee a Reward for Human Rights Violations


RAMALLAH, June 8, 2016 (WAFA) – PLO Executive Committee Member Hanan Ashrawi Wednesday condemned the Western European and Others Group’s (WEOG) decision to nominate Israel for the chairmanship of the United Nations’ General Assembly Sixth Committee.

She described the decision as “asking the wolf to guard the sheep.”

In a press release, Ashrawi said “It is ironic that Israel, a state that continues to breach international law and conventions, international humanitarian law and countless UN resolutions, is being nominated to head a legal committee that aims to promote international law and protect basic human rights and freedoms.”

She said the nomination mocks the international legal system and rewards Israel for its many flagrant violations of international law and acts of collective punishment and violence.

“Israel’s continued theft of Palestinian land and resources, the expansion of its illegal settlement enterprise, the demolition and ethnic cleansing of entire Palestinian communities and villages, the use of live ammunition and the extra-judicial killing of innocent Palestinians, the revocation of Jerusalem IDs, and the increasing use of administration detention against Palestinian men, women and children.”

Ashrawi called on the WEOG to withdraw its nomination and hold Israel accountable for its persistent violations of international law and human rights.

“As people under occupation, we will remain steadfast and undeterred in our efforts to pursue all diplomatic and legal channels to counter Israeli violations and safeguard our people’s right to self-determination, justice and freedom,” she affirmed.


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