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Palestinian prisoners to go on one-day hunger strike

RAMALLAH, Sunday, May 14, 2023 (WAFA) – Thousands of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails are scheduled to go on a one-day hunger strike tomorrow demanding the immediate release of sick Palestinian prisoner Walid Daqqa and an end of the Israeli policy of solitary confinement.

The Supreme Emergency Committee for the Palestinian Prisoner Movement, the top representative body of the Palestinian political prisoners in Israeli jails, said the one-day strike is part of the ongoing action of the Palestinian prisoners to achieve their rights, including ending the arbitrary policy of administrative detention which allows Israel to hold Palestinians in prison indefinitely without charges or trial.

The Committee called on all the free people of the world to use all tools of pressure and struggle to free Palestinian prisoner Walid Daqqa, who is facing an imminent risk of death, before it is too late.

Daqqa is a Palestinian writer and activist who has been imprisoned by Israel since 1986 for his resistance of the Israeli occupation.

He has been diagnosed with Myelofibrosis – a rare form of bone marrow cancer that disrupts the body’s normal production of blood cells.

If left untreated, Myelofibrosis causes extensive scarring in the bone marrow, leading to severe anaemia that can cause weakness and fatigue.

Daqqa is one of the most prominent and longtime Palestinian prisoners in Israeli custody. While in prison, he has written several books, including a children’s one.


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