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With tension high on the border with Gaza, Israeli soldiers open fire at farmers, force them to leave their lands

KHAN YUNIS, Wednesday, August 3, 2022 (WAFA) – With tension high on the southern Israel border with Gaza following the Israeli army’s arrest yesterday in the northern West Bank city of Jenin of a leading member of the Islamic Jihad, Israeli soldiers stationed at the borders near the south of the besieged Gaza Strip opened fire at farmers working in their lands and forced them to leave the area.

WAFA correspondent said soldiers based east of Khan Yunis opened live gunfire and shot tear gas grenades at the farmers east of Abasan, forcing them to cut their work short and leave the area to avoid injury.

Israeli soldiers regularly open fire at farmers along the border fence in an effort to keep them out of that zone.

The Israeli army closed several roads in the south of the country along the Gaza border fearing possible reprisal from Palestinian factions in Gaza for the arrest of the Islamic Jihad leader.

Meanwhile, Israel's two commercial and pedistrian crossings with Gaza also remained closed today for the second day in a row in a pressure tactic on Gaza factions not to launch an attack on Israel.


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