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Israeli forces raid homes,detain seven Palestinians in Salfit, attack residents

SALFIT, Saturday, April 30, 2022 (WAFA) – Israeli occupation forces attacked and detained several Palestinians during a military incursion into the town of Qarawat Bani Hassan to the west of Salfit, according to local sources.

Sources told WAFA Israeli forces closed the entrances to the town just before Iftar, the evening meal with which Muslims end their daily Ramadan fast at sunset, before raiding the town accompanied by special units.

Forces reportedly raided and wreaked havoc in the homes of two residents in the town.

Forces raided the home of local resident Sameeh Asi and detained him along with his three sons; of whom two are aged 15 and 16, after beating him and his eldest son Yousif; an ex-detainee, according to the Mayor of Qarawat Bani Hassan, Ibrahim Asi.

They also raided the home of Sameeh Asi and detained him and his two sons.

Clashes reportedly broke out between the Israeli forces and residents, during which forces fired rubber-coated steel bullets, stun grenades, and tear gas canisters toward residents, however, no injuries were reported.


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