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During a visit to Ramallah, Israeli intellectuals affirm their rejection of the continued occupation

RAMALLAH, Saturday, August 14, 2021 (WAFA) – A delegation of about twenty Israeli film directors, artists and writers affirmed today their rejection of the continuing Israeli occupation of Palestine, saying the political status quo cannot continue as it is forever.

During a meeting in Ramallah with the PLO Committee for Interaction with the Israeli Society, the delegation affirmed their belief in the existence of a Palestinian partner for peace, adding that they will work hard to publish the outcome of the meeting with the Israeli public opinion, so that the Israelis will know there is a real partner on the side.

The Israeli delegation also affirmed that true and just peace cannot be achieved without recognizing the right of the Palestinian people to their independent state on the borders of June 4, 1967.

Mohammad al-Madani, the head of the Committee who received the delegation, called for Israeli intellectuals and artists to have a role in working for a just peace based on the two-state solution, with a fair and agreed solution to the Palestinian refugee issue in accordance with UN Resolution 194.

Motti Lerner, an Israeli playwright who attended the meeting, expressed his rejection of the Israeli occupation, adding, "We listened to words we had not heard before, and we believe that a real Palestinian partner exists. We must work together for peace and an end to the occupation, and I look forward to learning Palestinian culture, literature and creativity."

Sinai Peter, an Israeli film director, pointed out that Israeli intellectuals will familiarize the Israeli public with the reality of the Israeli occupation which harms the two peoples. He said the Israeli occupation of Palestine must end, and that the Palestinians have the right to live in their independent state.

Other members of the Israeli delegation expressed their desire to learn about Palestinian culture, Palestinian intellectual production, and the reality experienced by the Palestinian people under prolonged Israeli occupation.



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