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Occupation forces detain three ex-detainees near Jenin

Occupation forces detain three ex-detainees near Jenin
Israeli occupation forces detain a Palestinian man near Hebron, south of the West Bank, June 23, 2018. Credit: Mash'hour Wihwah

JENIN, Sunday, August 09, 2020 (WAFA) – Israeli occupation forces last night detained three Palestinian ex-detainees in Israeli jails after raiding their homes in the village of Faqqu'a, northeast of Jenin city in the occupied West Bank, according to the Palestinian Prisoner's Society (PPS).

Israeli soldiers reportedly raided and searched the homes of Sayyaf Massad, Milad Massad, and Mohammad Arram, before dragging them out of their homes in middle of the night and taking them to an unknown destination.

Meanwhile, the occupation forces raided and searched several homes in the towns of Samu and Bani Na'im, in the southern West Bank governorate of Hebron, but with no reports of arrests.

Almost on a daily basis and typically at nighttime, Israeli occupation forces raid towns and villages in the occupied West Bank to carry out arrests or summon civilians for questioning. This has been part of the daily life under Israeli military regime for decades.


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