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Presidency Spokesperson: Building 820 Settlement Units is Flagrant Violation to Occupied Palestinian Land

RAMALLAH, June 01, 2008, (WAFA)-Presidency Spokesperson said that the Israeli decision to build 820 new settlement units on Jabal Abu Ghneim, Sha'fat and Beit Hanina in occupied Jerusalem is a flagrant violation to the occupied Palestinian land.


In a statement on Sunday, the Presidency Spokesperson added that such decision violates the Forth Geneva Convention, UN resolutions, Oslo accord , Annapolis conference and Israel's commitments of the first article of the Road Map.


' These Israeli dangerous decisions, which undermine the peace process and current negotiations, prove that Israel's government is not interested in the international legitimacy, adding that the Palestinian leadership denounces these decisions on settlements in al-Quds al-Sharif and the rest of the Palestinian land and the entire peace process could not achieve progress unless all settlements activities on the Palestinian land halt,' according to the statement.


The Palestinian leadership calls on American Administration and the Quartet to adopt a decisive position regarding these Israeli decisions on settlements in Jerusalem which threaten the peace process.  

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