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Israel‘s Rejection of French Initiative Reaffirms Its Decision to Continue Its Crimes, says PLO Erekat

 RAMALLAH, April 30, 2016 (WAFA) - PLO Secretary General, Sa’eb Erekat, maintained that the Israeli rejection of the French Initiative, ‘is a reaffirmation of the Israeli government‘s decision to continue its crimes and violations.

The PLO official noted that the Israeli rejection of the French initiative; to convene an international peace conference intended to revive the moribund Palestinian-Israeli peace process,  came a few hours after Israeli officials informed the Palestinian side that the Israeli government has decided to continue violating its obligations under the signed agreements, including the daily military raids in vast areas of the Occupied State of Palestine.

“The Israeli government‘s call for "bilateral negotiations" is not a call for the achievement of the two-state solution, but an attempt at legitimizing its settlement enterprise and the imposition of an Apartheid regime.”

Erekat called upon the French Government and the rest of the international community to take immediate steps in order to give peace a chance.

“We continue to support the realization of an international peace conference.”

Erekat also reaffirmed ‘our’ call upon the world to take actions in order to save the two-state solution, including the overdue recognition of the State of Palestine, to ban settlement products, divest from companies profiting from the Israeli occupation and hold the Israeli government accountable for its ongoing and systematic violations of international law and UN resolutions.


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