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Israeli municipality demolishes residential, agricultural structures in East Jerusalem


JERUSALEM, Monday, April 29, 2019 (WAFA) – Bulldozers of the Israeli municipality of West Jerusalem demolished residential and agricultural structures in the East Jerusalem neighborhoods of Silwan, Jabal al-Mukaber, and Sour Baher, according to Wadi Hilweh Information Center.

Staff from the Israeli municipality, backed by Israeli forces, stormed several neighborhoods in Silwan, Jabal al-Mukaber, and Sour Baher, and carried out a demolition campaign, demolishing residential and agricultural structures, under the pretext of unpermitted construction.

The municipality bulldozers demolished a residential structure made of metals that housed five members of the Jaabis family.

Meanwhile, three rooms with a total area of 150 square-meters, a 140 square-meter residential shed, and a 40-square-meter storage shed; all belonging to Imad Abu Sharefeh, were also demolished in the same area.

Four sheds used as animal barns, a 40-square-meter storage shed, a 50-square-meter barracks, five caravans, and three other sheds used for agricultural purposes, were also demolished  in Jabal al-Mukaber area.

The bulldozers further demolished iron and brick walls.

In Sour Baher, the municipality bulldozers demolished a shed used as an animal barn. A resident was also forced to tear down a balcony at his house with his own hands.

The bulldozers also demolished a parking lot in al-Thawri area of the occupied East Jerusalem neighborhood of Silwan.


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