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Fatah official says upcoming leadership meetings to define position on Hamas


RAMALLAH, Sunday, January 6, 2019 (WAFA) – Dalal Salameh, member of the Central Committee of Fatah movement, said on Sunday that the leadership is going to hold several meetings following President Mahmoud Abbas’ return from his current visit to Egypt to develop a “more precise position and measures on Hamas”.

She told official Voice of Palestine radio that the meetings come in the aftermath of the attack and vandalism by five masked assailants of the Gaza offices of the Palestine TV, the official Palestinian Authority TV, last Friday.

“The leadership is keen to keep Gaza within the geographic, demographic and political sphere [of the State of Palestine], and any measures taken will be mainly in this context,” Salameh said.

She continued, “The vicious attack on the headquarters of the Palestinian Broadcasting Corporation… in Gaza by Hamas is an attack on the Palestinian political system and all its components.”

On Friday, five masked men, armed with batons and sharp tools and with pistols hidden in their pants, raided PBC headquarters in Gaza City and destroyed a lot of the equipment available at the site, including transmission and recording equipment, cameras, computers, furniture and surveillance cameras.

The Palestinian government and PBC chief Ahmad Assaf blamed Hamas, the political rival of the ruling Fatah party, as responsible for the attack on the basis that the latter is the de facto authority in the Gaza Strip.



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