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President Abbas says Central Council is meeting to correct situation


RAMALLAH, August 15, 2018 (WAFA) – President Mahmoud Abbas told the opening session of the Palestinian Central Council on Wednesday that their meeting is intended to correct the situation facing the Palestinian people.

He told the plenary that it is important to discuss how to confront the so-called deal of the century, which the United States is trying to impose on the regional players in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and which is strongly opposed by the Palestinians.

“We were the first to stand against it and fight it and we will continue to do that until we bring it down,” said Abbas.

He also said the meeting would discuss how to confront the Israeli measures in the occupied Palestinian territories, mentioning how the popular resistance has defeated Israeli plans in the village of Khan al-Ahmar, east of Jerusalem, and Israeli plans at Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa Mosque.

“We will not allow Israel to continue with its plans in Khan al-Ahmar,” he said, in reference to Israeli plans to demolish the Arab village and displace its residents in order to build a Jewish settlement on its location.

He also said that the struggle against Israel’s racist Nation-State Basic Law will continue until it is defeated.

“We have to continue our struggle with action, and not just words and speeches,” he said. “We want to see peaceful popular resistance.”

President Abbas said support for the Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails will continue despite Israeli attempts to punish the Palestinian Authority for its support of prisoners by deducting money from its tax revenues

He also said he is for a comprehensive reconciliation in Gaza, but shed doubt on Hamas intentions.

“In principle, Hamas does not have the intention for reconciliation and there are some who do not want it while others think it is a humanitarian issue as if the suffering of the people Gaza was started today. No it wasn’t. It started ever since there was an occupation and Israeli blockade. Why did the United States just wake up to protect our people there? They are lying,” he said.

“We will talk about how we are going to make the reconciliation a success for our people and the unity of their land under one government, one law and one legal weapon without militias running here and there,” he said.

The Central Council session was turned into a closed one after Abbas‘ speech and will continue for two days.


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