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Israeli forces demolish prisoner’s home in Jenin


JENIN, April 24, 2018 (WAFA) – Israeli forces Tuesday demolished a Palestinian-owned house using dynamite in the city of Jenin, according to sources.

The house belonged to Ahmad Jamal al-Qumbaa, a prisoner in Israeli jails.

Qumbaa’s father, Jamal, told WAFA that Israeli forces blew up the house damaging four nearby houses.

He added that the forces were accompanied by a bulldozer and experts who attempted to blew up the house and failed in the first time, then put more explosives inside of it blew it up.

Clashes also broke out between youths and Israeli forces during the army raid of Jenin.

The soldiers fired rubber bullets and tear gas at the Palestinian youths causing one injury from a

rubber bullet and several cases of suffocation from tear gas inhalation.

Members of the Qumbaa’ family had left their house almost 10 days ago after the Israeli court issued a decision to be demolished. The family was handed the demolition notice three months ago and they tried to appeal three times and failed.

The house does not belong to al-Qumbaa’s father but rather his brother.

Qumbaa was charged with driving the car that was used by Ahmad Jarrar to carry the attack against a settler near Nablus in January.


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