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Israeli settlers vandalize church in Jerusalem’s Old City

Israeli settlers vandalize church in Jerusalem’s Old City
(WAFA Images)

JERUSALEM, Thursday, February 02, 2023 (WAFA) – Israeli settlers today vandalized a church in the occupied Old City of Jerusalem, according to Jerusalem Governorate.

The Governorate said in a press statement that three extremist Jewish settlers stormed the Church of the Condemnation, located at the Second Station of the Via Dolorosa, smashed a statute of the condemned Jesus and attempted to set the church on fire.

The guard employed by the church quickly restrained the vandal before he could inflict further damage to the site.

Today’s attack is merely the latest in a string of settler attacks perpetrated over the course of the last months against Christians and their property in Jerusalem.

Earlier, on the evening of last Thursday, settlers attacked an Armenian restaurant at the New Gate in the Christian Quarter of Jerusalem.

The group of radical settlers attacked a group of diners, mostly Armenians, who were enjoying their meals at the Taboon Wine Bar, with a video footage showing the Jewish radicals throwing chairs wildly toward the restaurant and those who had been seated there.

Other recent settler attacks against Christians in Jerusalem included the attempt of Jewish settlers to climb the walls of the Armenian Monastery in Jerusalem and lower the Monastery flag,  scrawling racist slurs in Hebrew on the walls of the Armenian Patriarchate vowing ‘Revenge and death to Arabs, Armenians and Christians’ and the desecration of some 30 gravestones at the historic Protestant cemetery on Mt. Zion.


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