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Newspapers Review: Attack in Jerusalem focus of dailies

Newspapers Review: Attack in Jerusalem focus of dailies

RAMALLAH, Saturday, January 28, 2023 (WAFA) - The three Palestinian Arabic dailies published today, al-Quds, al-Hayat al-Jadida, and al-Ayyam, highlighted last night’s attack in a Jerusalem settlement that left seven Israelis dead.

Here are the main headlines of the three dailies:

Al-Hayat al-Jadida:

Seven settlers were killed in an operation in the Nabi Yaqoub settlement, the attacker, Khairy Alqam, was killed

The occupation forces injure dozens of Palestinians in the West Bank and the settlers riot

Widespread destruction of the belongings of prisoners transferred from Ramon prison to Gilboa

Greek Orthodox Patriarchate: We will prevent marches of extremist Zionist groups

The Jordanian monarch and the Canadian prime minister stress the importance of preserving the historical status quo in Jerusalem

OCHA launches a half-a-billion-dollar humanitarian appeal for occupied Palestine

Rage in the West Bank after the occupation’s massacre in Jenin and its refugee camp

UN calls for accountability for those responsible for the violations in the West Bank and for an immediate end to the occupation

Israeli police suppress a protest in Haifa against the Jenin massacre and arrest six demonstrators

An occupation plan to double the number of settlers and demolish Palestinian buildings in Area C


Seven Israelis were killed in a shooting attack in the Nabi Yaqoub settlement and the perpetrator was killed

Gaza: Israeli planes attack several sites for the resistance

Two UN experts urge the international community not to tolerate the crimes of the occupation

Five civilians were wounded by a settler's gunfire near the entrance to Beita

Settlers attack people and their property

Human Rights Council: Those responsible for violations in the West Bank must be held accountable

Arrests at a demonstration in Haifa, two protests in Umm al-Fahm and Tamra condemning the aggression against Jenin

A march in downtown Amman in support of Palestine

Dozens of injuries due to the occupation's suppression of the Friday marches


Seven Israelis killed in an operation in Jerusalem

Yousef Muheisen buried in al-Ram and injuries during confrontations and attacks in the West Bank

Jerusalemite died of an injury he sustained two days ago

Marches in Jordan and Lebanon in support of Jenin camp and Jerusalem

Israel Hayom: The Netanyahu government pledged to add half a million settlers in the West Bank and to demolish construction in Area C

Fierce battles between Ukrainians and the Russians in Vogledar

An international humanitarian appeal for half a billion dollars to support Palestine


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