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Presidential spokesman says Israel’s escalation on the ground will lead to an explosion

Presidential spokesman says Israel’s escalation on the ground will lead to an explosion

RAMALLAH, Thursday, November 3, 2022 (WAFA) - The Palestinian presidency today held the Israeli occupation government fully responsible for the escalation against the Palestinian people in the West Bank, the latest of which was the killing of four Palestinians within 24 hours in Jerusalem, Ramallah and Jenin, stressing that it will lead to an explosion.

"We hold the Israeli government responsible for this ongoing escalation on the ground against the Palestinian people, and we call on the US administration to enforce what it has committed to and to immediately act to put pressure on Israel to stop its ongoing crimes against the Palestinian people," said the presidential spokesman, Nabil Abu Rudeineh, in a statement.

He reiterated his call on the international community to provide protection for the Palestinian people, stressing the positions of President Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian leadership that everyone should assume their responsibilities before the situation explodes in an uncontrollable manner.

Abu Rudeineh called on "all forces and popular activists to continue to confront the settlers' terrorism and their attacks protected by the occupation army."

He said that the Palestinian people are facing an all-out war that did not stop for a moment, through the continuation of daily Israeli attacks that led to the death of four Palestinians in the past 24 hours.

“We remind them that the continued disregard for the people and their security is the decisive factor in completing the implementation of the decisions of the Palestinian Central Council, not only at the International Criminal Court but in all international forums, without exception. It is no longer acceptable to allow the occupation to buy time to achieve its goals of destroying the Palestinian national project,” said Abu Rudeineh.

The presidential spokesman indicated that the continuation of the escalation in this way will push matters towards a big explosion and a point of no return, which will have devastating consequences for all.

He stressed that practical steps to turn the speech of President Abbas at the United Nations into a plan of action have begun and a clear mechanism of action has been put in place and priorities have been set in order to protect the rights of the Palestinian people.




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